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Creative Business Financing

Creative Business Financing

Alternative Lenders can provide hard-to-find access to capital with debt based financing.

Do you need to make purchases for your business but don’t have the financing? Oftentimes, the needs of a business grow faster than its assets do. In times like these, finding creative business financing alternatives — such as asset based lending — can help keep your company ahead of the competition.  Asset based lending can be a solution for businesses that require the use of expensive equipment but are often stuck with substantial upfront costs. Purchasing such machinery outright can hinder business cash flow, especially for companies just starting out or those subject to seasonal fluctuations in business. Through Business Capital’s equipment financing programs such as  equipment leasing and lease back , it is possible to get what you need now without putting additional stress on your corporate finances.

Business Capital works with all types of asset based lending scenarios, including  equipment leasing and equipment financing.  These include all industries,  such as telecommunications, transportation and heavy machinery just to name a few. Plus, our programs can provide 100 percent financing on installation and maintenance as well. Through an equipment leasing or equipment lease back program it is possible to simplify your budget by conserving capital and grouping all equipment leasing into one easy monthly payment. In addition to getting what you need to run your business successfully, there are a variety of tax and credit advantages provided under equipment financing, leasing and equipment lease back programs.

“Because of Business Capital, we have improved relations with our vendors, invested in new equipment and marketing, and been able to offer better work benefits to our loyal employees.”

– Owner, Printing Company

To learn more about creative business financing alternatives and all of our asset based lending programs including our equipment lease back program, contact Business Capital today. Whether you are looking to restructure current debt or simply wish to find an alternative source of capital, Business Capital can work with you to design a plan that will increase the profitability of your business.