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Growth Capital

Take Advantage of Growth Opportunities

Our Growth Capital solutions allow our clients to leverage the enterprise value of their business to facilitate acquisitions, buyouts, recapitalizations, or other growth-oriented strategies.

Our team has over 75+ years of Growth Capital Lending experience. This expertise, along with our deep network of capital providers, allows us to approach each transaction uniquely and frequently find creative capital solutions which would otherwise not be available to a conventional lender.

Grow Your Business
Acquisition Financing
Mezzanine & Subordinated Debt Financing
Venture Debt
Unitranche financing
Acquisition Financing
  • Integrated Products, Personalized Capital Structure
  • Take Advantage of growth opportunities and let BizCap manage the relationships and processes needed to secure the financing and workforce for capitalizing on opportunity.
Mezzanine & Subordinated Debt Financing

Increase the Size and Valuation of Your Business

Venture Debt

Accelerate Growth with Warrants as an Asset

Unitranche financing
  • One Stop Cash Flow Financing
  • Accelerate the Growth Process


Commercial / Industrial

Mezz & Sub Debt

Consumer Goods / Products

Asset Based Lending


Real Estate Financing

Consumer Goods / Products

Mezz & Sub Debt

The Bizcap Difference

In no uncertain terms, BizCap saved my business My first contact with BizCap was the brightest spot in over 18 months of tirelessly looking for financing. They presented the value of Nova and suddenly I was in a position of choosing the lender that I preferred and at unbelievable rates. My business is thriving.

Dr. Richard Schmidt
Medical Director, Nova, IVF
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Bizcap came to us with a well-deserved reputation as a firm that gets deals done. By taking the time to understand our unique business situation and then applying a very professional approach to the marketplace, we were presented an outstanding solution. Choose Bizcap, they will deliver.

Whit Everett
President, Everett Graphics, Inc.
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BizCap always provides viable solutions, they never come up empty and the deals presented are always sound, realistic and very competitive. The executives that I have worked with are extremely hardworking, dedicated, and very honest. When these men agree to take on a project, they follow it all the way through to a successful closing.

Frank Vezer
CEO, Vezer Family Vineyard
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The local banks kept telling us they very badly wanted to provide us financing—backed by significant collateral, of course—only to turn around and ask us for one more document or piece of information. BizCap cut through all of this banking fog for us and brought our company several financial institutions and banks that could provide our company’s financing needs in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. We are truly grateful for BizCap’s help and expertise. It has been an absolute pleasure working with BizCap and its entire team of professionals.

Anthony Mello
CEO, Wholesome Nut Company
wholesome nuts
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The BizCap team did everything they promised us they would. They helped us to secure the funding we needed and provided us with a variety of options and opportunities and helped us discern what might be the best fit for us. We were extremely impressed with their ability to move the needle for us in a short space of time. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Sarah Dusek
Co-Founder, Under Canvas
under canvas
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Many thanks to the BizCap Team for the fantastic job helping AlterG close two new lenders for our business. When no bank was interested in taking on the challenge of our refinancing, BizCap jumped in and 1 month, secured multiple term sheets from credible lenders. In fact, when we closed both lending agreements I couldn’t believe how low the fees were for their efforts. Especially after going through the diligence and closing process together. Looking forward to doing more business together as our financing needs arise.

Kevin Davidge
COO, AlterG, Inc.
alter g pic
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Ours is a young company and BizCap was instrumental in helping us secure financing that was ideal for our entrepreneurial style and our rapidly growing business. The Bizcap team was smart, responsive and dedicated to delivering the capital needed to grow our business and I would highly recommend this firm for any company looking for debt financing.

Jill Osur
President, GoldLine Brands, Inc.
goldline brand
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