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Corporate Turnaround

Corporate Turnaround

When a company is facing financial strife, it is imperative to get the situation under control as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  At Business Capital, our corporate turnaround solutions are custom tailored to your company’s specific needs and challenges.  Our unique combination of business debt restructuring and asset based financing services, can help you avoid bankruptcy, the huge amount of time and money and the loss of credibility associated with filing.

There are many warning signs that signal a company is in trouble. Compounding debt, unpaid invoices and a shortage of cash flow are a few of the obvious. What about the less obvious indicators? For instance, does your business structure align with your corporate objectives? Has the growth of your business stagnated?Looking for signs early on is one way to catch a problem before it becomes a crisis. But catching a problem is only part of what must be done. The next step is to find a solution. Corporate turnaround involves many factors. One step is to devise a new economic plan to match the current and future goals of a company and its shareholders.

At Business Capital, we specialize in corporate turnaround services. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve helped clients eliminate debt, secure corporate financing and build solid financial plans for the future. We believe that building a steady economic foundation is the cornerstone of any successful business. That is why we work with companies to eradicate debt but still maintain key relationships with vendors and creditors.

When faced with financial difficulties it is important to act quickly. We understand this and work with our clients to find fast and efficient solutions to effect a corporate turnaround. By working with a client’s strength we can design a plan of attack that best suits the company’s unique needs, thereby increasing both bankability and profitability.

We have the experts, the business solutions and the resources to get you what you need. Whether your need business business debt negotiation today, an infusion of working capital tomorrow, asset based lending such as purchase order or accounts receivable financing next month – visit or call us at 415-989-0970 now for help.