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Current Engagements

Project Safeguard

Revolving LOC
Our Client (Founded in 1999; HQ in CA) operates 5 business units, providing temporary/permanent traffic control services, traffic safety products/equipment, comprehensive solutions for construction projects, and manufactures traffic control trucks. Employee headcount totals >225, consisting of a non-union and union workforce. Major longstanding customers include AT&T, Verizon, and other CA municipalities and counties (diverse customer base; top 10 customers totals <5% of total sales).

Project Cheers

Revolving LOC
Our Client is a vertically integrated winery located on the West Coast that sells harvested grapes, bulk wine, a variety of branded wines, and offers processing and storage services for regional wineries. It is one of the largest growers and independent processors in its region. The Company initially began growing grapes over 30 years ago and subsequently diversified and expanded operations to produce, sell, and store bulk wine. In 2012, our client launched its branded case goods segment which has grown significantly. In addition, the Company sells private-label wines to various well-known retailers nationwide and overseas. Total case volume is over 800,000.

Project Insight

Revolving LOC
Our Client (the “Company”) is a publisher that has been operating for 55 years. The Company is engaged in the publication and sale of books covering educational and evergreen content, cooking, and children’s books. In addition, it cross-sells gift items such as tote bags branded to complement the book’s subject matter. Educational book sales represent 30% of total revenue; 70% is sourced from non-educational content & gift sales. The Education segment sells over 180,000 books and digital licenses annually to more than 500 schools that often prefer to purchase from smaller publishers over significantly larger competitors. Non-educational books and gift items are sold through Amazon, chain bookstores, wholesalers, and local book and gift stores.

Project Tasty

Revolving LOC
Our Client (or the “Company”) is a flavor development business founded in 2016. The founders previously created and sold a very well-known brand for over $400MM and are uniquely capable of leveraging their experience in product formulation, protein architecture, marketing, and branding. The Company works with all size companies, including major food and beverage consumer brands, to provide the flavoring ingredients for functional products, including energy drinks and shakes. It also develops products in collaboration with its customers’ R&D divisions.

Project Berry

Revolving LOC
Our Client (the “Company”) is a leading strawberry farm based in California with operations in California and Mexico. The Company markets strawberries for domestic and Mexican growers to provide a year-round supply of the highest quality berries available. The Company is seeking an asset-based revolving line of credit with a capacity ranging from $15MM to $18MM to allow for seasonal fluctuations in cash flow. The credit line will be secured with accounts receivable, inventory and capitalized cultural costs.