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Debt Management Program

Debt Management Program

How easy is it to fall behind and accumulate debt? Every day, companies are faced with difficult choices in which the future of their businesses is in the balance. Oftentimes, companies find themselves with such levels of debt that they are unable to cover their regular expenses, much less focus on repaying creditors or vendors. The causes for these situations are numerous, but in most cases, the available solutions seem sparse.

At Business Capital, we provide serious financial relief through the use of our debt management program. When dealing with financial turmoil, companies rarely have the leverage they need to negotiate a solution that is in their best interests. To that end, we at Business Capital can step in and take care of the negotiations for you. We deal directly with all creditors and debtors, devising amicable repayment plans that are beneficial to all parties involved.

By reducing a company’s debt repayment to as little as two to three percent a month, companies can refocus on their day-to-day affairs instead of spending time with creditors on the phone. Additionally, since our debt management programs are designed to reduce financial pressure, our clients usually find themselves with the additional income they need to run their businesses more successfully and profitably.

When you contact Business Capital, we begin by providing a complete analysis of your company’s financial situation. This allows us to assess exactly what needs to be done and the type of debt management program that is needed. In addition to negotiating with creditors, we will also help with the liquidation of certain assets and other approaches designed to provide the company with additional capital. Our goal is simple: to get our clients back on their feet financially and back into profit.