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Bankruptcy Alternative

Bankruptcy Alternative

Every year, thousands of companies find themselves dealing with financial trouble. When unable to pay off debt, many turn towards bankruptcy protection in hopes of being able to make a fresh start. Unfortunately, bankruptcy is far from being the ultimate solution. In fact, a large portion of companies that go through bankruptcy often have to deal with additional legal and financial complications, in addition to the damage done to their reputations.

The main reason companies turn to bankruptcy when faced with mounting debt is the fact that they see no other choice. In truth, there are a number of bankruptcy alternatives that are far more effective at helping companies not only get out of debt, but also return to profitability. At Business Capital, we specialize in helping companies faced with such difficult situations and offer a multitude of services designed to get them back on their feet, including debt arbitration and asset-based lending.

Dealing with creditors and vendors is not an easy thing to do without potentially ruining an existing relationship. Additionally, when companies are behind on payments, they often feel pressured into accepting terms that could lead to greater financial problems. At Business Capital, we take care of these debt negotiations for our clients. We deal directly with their creditors in an amicable fashion, finding a just settlement that meets with both parties’ approval.

At Business Capital, we work with our clients as partners. Since we work on a 100 percent contingency basis, our success depends entirely on the success of those we work for. Not only does this motivate us to provide superior service, but it also shows our commitment. We don’t simply bring companies out of debt, we help them get on the path to success. Contact us today at (888) 499-4775 to discuss your bankruptcy alternatives.

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