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Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending

Lending to Business requires expertise on the options and dedication to providing a customized solution.

The world of business has changed. With it has come a change in the way commercial loans are structured. In the past, sales projections and balance sheets were required to qualify for a bank loan. Today there are more options. With asset based lending, it is possible to make the assets you already have work towards the growth of your company, no matter its current profitability.How exactly does asset based lending work? An asset based loan uses the assets of your company as collateral for the loan. These assets can take many forms, including accounts receivable, inventory, equipment or real estate. These types of loans are very flexible, with loan amounts varying anywhere from $400,000 to $2 million.

An asset based loan works best for companies that simply to do not have the up front capital to make necessary purchases in the form of inventory or acquisitions. These versatile loans make it possible to ease cash flow burdens. With less stringent guidelines than many bank loans, asset based lending is a flexible alternative to traditional commercial financing options.

At Business Capital, we help companies find solutions to the financial burdens they are facing. Our staff of dedicated professionals come from a broad range of backgrounds, enabling us to offer businesses a wealth of options. Through asset based lending we can help companies with annual revenues of $2 million to $150 million find the financing they need now for their future growth. Contact Business Capital for a free consultation to learn more about our asset based loans and wide range of other financing and restructuring services.