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Restructuring and Recapitalization Q&A

Restructuring and Recapitalization Q&A

Q: Recapitalization and Restructuring – Can you benefit from a partner who understands both?

A: Definitely. During a time of mixed reports and uncertainty about traditional lending, there are alternative solutions to shore up your balance sheet. Whether your business or industry is facing rapid growth or financial challenge; whether you are planning to expand or need to consolidate; a firm which understands and has a successful track record in both areas can successfully navigate your business through a fragmented marketplace.

According to a recent Forbes article — “One thing’s clear — if you’re looking for a loan for your business right now, have your financials cleaned up and looking as sweet as possible.” Seeking business debt restructuring or other turnaround management solutions before you recapitalize can provide you with a cleaner balance sheet and a better shot at obtaining a competitively priced line of credit.

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Q: What are the advantages of an objective third party?

A: Whether you are a client, a creditor, vendor or existing lender, an objective third party will streamline the revenue generating process by managing relationships, restructuring debt or trade agreements.  An objective advisor will save time, money and negotiate the complex lending marketplace to maximizing the value of capital for growth or turnaround.

Q: How will I guarantee the most cost and time effective management of my particular challenge?

A: Partner with a firm that has expertise and the backing of a solid reputation and track record. For over ten years, Business Capital has helped companies facing hyper-growth or financial challenge in every industry across the US. Business Capital’s customized business debt restructuring, commercial finance and interim management practice will streamline the turnaround process and deliver the most intelligently structured and affordable solutions quickly and with a high level of service. Our compensation is primarily success based, creating a win-win situation.

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