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Lawmakers Bicker as Small Business Continues to Buckle

Lawmakers Bicker as Small Business Continues to Buckle

The Fight for H.R. 5297

Democrats & Republicans worked together to give big banks and big biz billions in bailouts, pushing our country into unprecedented debt. Still, this has not created the economic recovery or job growth that supposedly came with the high price tag.  It did not provide incentive for new hires, new locations or new products. Attaching no strings on all of that cash was a monumental error. It contained no provisions for small business capital.  So, now it’s time to help out small banks and biz and legislators can’t get it together.  Are they seriously putting politics acting on behalf of our country and small businesses?  The same businesses that might actually drive improvement in our economy and a decrease in unemployment are being given the short end of the stick.

All this political bickering is taking time and meanwhile, small businesses are dying on the vine. What will our nation look like when the number of small businesses shrinks while big business continues to consolidate and grow?  What will our nation look like when unemployment continues unabated?  A nation long admired as a hotbed of ingenuity, economic prosperity and the ability to live better than our parents did could begin to look like those countries that do not enjoy the freedom or possibility to chase dreams and prosperity.  What separates us, is our large proportion of entrepreneurs, small business owners and developers and a system designed to support them.  Their ability to access credit is essential to keeping our country strong economically, providing 2 out of every 3 jobs and the opportunity to live the proverbial “American Dream”.  The continued constriction of credit and lack of business debt relief will tighten the noose around the necks of small business and suffocate growth.

Consumers and small business have very limited access to credit.  The biggest companies have the biggest bank accounts borrowed from those same people who now find themselves drowning with no lifeline.  How long will our supposed representatives continue to play partisan politics instead of giving small business the same fighting chance?

The Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010 comes up for vote on September 13.  Please contact your congressperson to get them on board and pass this bill so America can move forward.  Click on the link below for a search tool to help find your local representative:

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