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Corporate Financing

Corporate Financing

Whether you are looking for private equity, rule 144 loans or convertible securities, Business Capital can help your business secure the corporate financing it needs. As business advisers, we work with our clients to design economic plans that will satisfy shareholders and maximize growth.It is often true that it takes money to make money. Unfortunately, not all companies have the cash flow necessary to capitalize on growth opportunities. With the help of Business Capital, you can leverage assets for  asset based financing to fund your company’s goals and maintain an edge over your competitors. We’ve helped clients secure expansion capital, fund management buyouts, and finance acquisitions with all types of asset based financing, combined with debt restructuring and debt management programs.

In addition to helping our clients secure asset based financing to maximize growth, we also specialize in helping businesses eliminate debt and implement custom tailored corporate financing plans. After all, it is difficult to plan ahead when you are behind on bills and are constantly harassed by angry creditors. With the proper corporate financing, it is possible to release some of the stresses caused by these financial burdens and to focus on the future of your business.

Every company has unique needs. That is why at Business Capital, we like to partner with our clients to design the best courses of action possible. Asset based financing and all of the other financial plans we provide, incorporate both current market conditions and each company’s specific goals and objectives. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation where you can learn more about how Business Capital can help you raise corporate financing.

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