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Business Funding

Business Funding

Strategic Small Business Lending – knowing the value of customizing the right business loan for each client and situation.

For companies looking to develop new projects, finding the right amount of business funding is essential. In this competitive corporate world, for a company to continue to grow, it is important that it take advantage of certain opportunities sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, for businesses that are dealing with large amounts of debt or financial problems, acquiring the needed business funding can often seem impossible.At Business Capital, not only do we help companies reduce and restructure their debt, but we can also provide them with the business funding they are looking for, whether it is for new equipment financing, hiring additional staff, purchasing supplies, etc… We work closely with each of our clients, assessing their particular situations and creating plans for recovery. This usually includes dealing directly with creditors and vendors, providing debt negotiation services to work out payment terms and restructuring the company’s finances to optimize its profitability. Most importantly, by handing this task to our experts, companies are once again able to focus fully on their business practices.

Since expansion is the key to a company’s success, there is often a need for additional business funding. This may include equipment financing or monies for new projects. In either case, Business Capital has got you covered. We provide all types of asset based loans, including equipment financing for amounts up to $100,000 and purchase order funding for contracts between $200,000 and $1,000,000. Simply fill out our online application or questionnaire to begin the process.

Over the last 10 years, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading business turnaround companies in the country. Why let yourself get overwhelmed by debt or lack of funding? Simply contact us at 415-989-0970 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll show you the variety of ways we can help your company achieve the financial success you are looking for.