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Business Capital Delivers $5M Acquisition Financing For Leveraged Buyout

Business Capital Delivers $5M Acquisition Financing For Leveraged Buyout

San Francisco, CA/Westport, CT March, 27 2013   Business Capital ( has structured a $5 Million business acquisition financing  package allowing  it’s client, Sysorex Global Holdings Corp. (SYRX), a leading information technology solutions and services company, to acquire Lilien LLC, an enterprise IT infrastructure solution provider with over $40 Million in annual revenue. The structure was a combination of stock and cash from debt financing.

“On behalf of the entire team at Sysorex, we are delighted with the way Business Capital navigated our leveraged buyout financing of Lilien Systems. Business Capital produced several options for financing, created competition among the interested funding sources and put Sysorex in a strong position to negotiate the best terms and conditions. They executed the transaction more quickly and at a lower cost of capital than expected. Business Capital was a pleasure to work with and produced great results and an intelligently structured credit facility,” said Nadir Ali, President of Sysorex Global Holdings Corp.

The business acquisition will increase service and product offerings, allowing Sysorex to expand their extensive government contracts with leading-edge solutions, including Big Data and analytics.

“In this highly selective lending environment, obtaining debt based financing in general and acquisition financing in particular continues to be a time consuming challenge for both the borrower and most banks or finance companies. We were extremely thorough in our evaluation of both companies and were able to uncover value beyond what was reported in the financial statements, which contributed to our ability to successfully arrange for the acquisition financing,” said Chuck Doyle, Managing Director of Business Capital.

Business Capital is a leading commercial finance and  debt restructuring firm specializing in arranging customized debt based financing solutions for rapidly growing as well as distressed small and middle market companies nationwide who require a unique, timely and tailored financing structure to address their particular needs. In situations where conventional capital sources are not an option, Business Capital has repeatedly delivered financial solutions to a broad assortment of private and public companies seeking additional liquidity.