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Taking Care of Business

Time-tested non-dilutive capital solutions for middle market companies
Who Are We?
What Do We Do?
How is BizCap Different?
Founded in 2002, BizCap is a national commercial finance and advisory firm that, for more than 20 years, has delivered over $3.5 billion of non-dilutive credit solutions to companies across a diverse range of industries, geographies, and financial structures.
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Our expertise is supporting and advising CEOs, CFOs and stakeholders of companies in special situations who need expeditious, high-quality, custom financing. BizCap takes uncertainty and risk out of the commercial re-financing process and ensures capital is secured with superior cost and structure.
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BizCap quickly augments our clients’ staff, allowing company stakeholders to focus on revenue generating activities instead of wasting resources and time, getting disappointing outcomes from unfamiliar lenders. BizCap is compensated based on success and therefore, motivated to maintain total alignment with our clients’ objectives throughout the process. No excuses, just results!
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BizCap provides inside advantages that tip the commercial credit market scales by leveraging our collective marketplace knowledge, credit acumen, and longtime relationships with high level credit decision makers. We are highly nimble, able to move more expeditiously through our proprietary, curated and time tested process; we create competition among our significant network of specialized capital providers who compete for our clients business, resulting in the best cost and structure of commercial capital available.

“In life, sports and business, the whole idea is to get an edge. Sometimes it takes just a little extra something to get that edge, but you have to have it and BizCap makes sure you do.”
~ Chuck Doyle
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As private equity investors, we prefer our portfolio company CEOs maintain their focus on running the business. We have engaged BizCap on several occasions, and they have capably augmented our management teams during the capital raising process, allowing us to continue driving value in our businesses. We feel the value of a strong team to lead us through the highly competitive and relentless nature of the capital raising process is compelling. We frequently turn to the team at BizCap for our needs.

Ed McNulty
Managing Partner, Central Valley Fund
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