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Business Capital Fund

Business Capital: Delivering Financing for Growing Businesses

bc_024_250w.jpgFor companies looking to develop new projects, securing the right amount of business funding is essential. For a company to continue to grow in this competitive business world, it is important to take advantage of certain opportunities sooner rather than later. For businesses dealing with large amounts of debt or financial problems, acquiring the necessary business funding often seems impossible. At Business Capital, we help businesses reduce debt as well as provide funding needed to expand production capabilities and increase profitability. Business Capital represents a $500 million investment partnership that may be able to help your business stay ahead of the game and reach its financial goals.

Investment Philosophy

bc_025_250w.jpgBusiness Capital seeks corporate and asset-based financing opportunities globally, providing capital to sectors under served by traditional capital sources and to structurally complex transactions that require creative financing solutions. Our fundamental belief is that excess return is generated for our client companies by understanding complex situations and providing liquidity when it is lacking, rather than simply taking incremental credit or market risk. We protect capital by arranging investments where there is:

  • Asset or cash flow support
  • Equity invested in the transaction
  • Credit support in the form of guarantees

The investments we arrange are through credit instruments; however, we will facilitate hybrid or direct equity investments when we believe there is minimal additional risk. When capital is invested through an equity instrument, there is always fundamental valuation support. Equity investments typically relate to an existing credit position or are co-investment opportunities with institutional investors who possess deep market expertise.


  • Transaction size: $5-50 million
  • Term: 1-4 years
  • Structures: Senior loans, mezzanine & subordinate loans, participating loans, and hybrid instruments, often with warrants, equity or cash flow participation
  • Collateral: Assets, cash flow, personal guarantees
  • Primary sectors served:
    • Infrastructure and real estate
    • Professional services such as financial and consulting
    • Natural resources and energy
    • Consumer and retail
    • Manufacturing

To find out more about Business Capital’s vast array of services and how we can serve your needs, please call us or fill out the online questionnaire today. We will show you the variety of ways we can help your company achieve financial success.