Restructuring Public Companies

As opposed to a private company, where the owners are usually limited to a select few, public companies are available to purchase to anyone wishing to buy. Individuals purchase shares via the stock market, the total of which represents the percentage of ownership they have in the company. Since shares can be bought and sold openly, the financial health of public companies is carefully monitored. Any sign of trouble can lead countless investors to discard their shares, creating even larger problems.It is essential for a company’s survival for it to remain proactive, especially when it is facing financial strife. At Business Capital, we specialize in restructuring public companies dealing with excessive debt or other forms of financial turmoil. We offer a variety of individualized solutions and approaches designed to reduce debt, increase capital and protect companies from the dangers of bankruptcy.

Jumping straight into the “protection” provided by bankruptcy can have serious negative consequences for a publicly traded company. Most corporate entities do it because they see no other alternative. Fortunately, at Business Capital, offering alternatives is what we do best. Whether your company is hampered by its level of debt or has a specific financial area that needs to be addressed, our experts have unparalleled experience when it comes to restructuring public companies. Let us assess your situation and provide you with a comprehensive plan that can help you maximize your business’s success.

To obtain more information about our business restructuring services, we invite you to contact us directly toll free at (888) 499-4775. You may also fill out our short online information form, through which we can schedule a free initial consultation. Why sit and wait as your company’s financial problems continue to grow? At Business Capital, we understand that time is always of the essence. Contact us today and see how quickly our services can get you back into business.

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