Restructuring Companies and Protecting Vendor Continuity

Preserving vendor relations is an important part of business for every company. Having a good relationship with vendors can lead to better deals, which could include price breaks or a larger line of credit. On the other hand, if the relationship sours due to financial stress, vendors can rapidly become difficult to deal with, as their primary concern will shift to collecting what they are due as opposed to providing the company with what they need.Financial difficulty can come to any company, no matter its size. When debt becomes unmanageable, using professionals for business  restructuring early in the game is highly effective when a business turnaround is necessary.  During a cash crisis,  a business’s relationship to its vendors is usually among the first casualties. If a company decides to use bankruptcy as a way of settling its finances, the consequences can be quite drastic, with vendors often no longer wishing to do business with the company in the future.

At Business Capital, we specialize in restructuring companies and protecting vendor continuity. Instead of opting for bankruptcy, we offer a number of effective solutions designed to reduce a company’s debt and help maintain its obligations to its vendors. We understand how market fluctuations can drastically affect a company’s cash flow, and we espouse a proactive philosophy where we work with creditors and vendors to ensure that situations are resolved amicably.

No matter the industry, at Business Capital, we have over a decade of experience restructuring companies and protecting vendor continuity. Before giving up and going through bankruptcy, contact our experts to discover the options you may have never known you had. Our initial consultation is free and can be scheduled by calling us at (888) 499-4775 or by filling out our online information form.

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