Public Media Conglomerate

$7 Million Liability Restructuring & Financing

The Client

A large, publicly traded worldwide media conglomerate specializing in large enterprise video solutions.

The Situation

The company was interested in expanding it’s distribution, technology, digital e-commerce and social networking capabilities through a planned purchase of a smaller media group’s technology and solutions. The target had a heavy debt load and it was imperative that they not go to into bankruptcy or liquidation in order to preserve the value of the assets.

The Solution

The client’s law firm introduced Business Capital. Within three months, BizCap restructured $7million of liabilities with over 150 creditors worldwide, reducing the overall debt by over 80% and paving the way for a successful acquisition. By dealing amicably and efficiently with the large number of creditors, the process was fast and cost-effective, keeping the valuable assets of the target intact and ensuring that the client’s cash investment was maximized. The successful purchase put the client in a strong position as a leader in global industry broadcasting.


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