Manufacturer & Supplier of Natural Food Ingredients

$ 1.6 Million Credit Facility

The Client

The client is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, healthy and natural food ingredients sourced from a variety of raw agricultural materials.  The company developed a patented, revolutionary ingredient and process technology that fulfills the growing demand for healthy, natural, non-dairy, high nutrient density, whole grain gluten free and hypoallergenic food ingredients. They supply major food and beverage companies in North America and worldwide. Their ingredients can be found in a multitude of well-known food products and branded food products.

The Situation

The client had limited capacity to finance increasing sales, an aggressive expansion of its product line,  or pursue new sales opportunities and  grow their customer base. Their balance sheet and existing credit agreements were too restrictive to enable them to capitalize their planned growth.

The Solution

Business Capital was able to analyze and successfully present the company’s financial condition, its future potential and financial requirements and identify and monetize on additional value in the balance sheet. It was critical for the client to work with a lender who would understand their industry and share their vision. Business Capital secured the right kind of financing as a long term source of working capital to further their plans for growth.


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