Global Tourism Company


“As a successful foreign company, we entered the US market rather naively believing our New Zealand/Australian track record would carry weight. Reality was very different. Primary funding institutions place little value on offshore successes and are averse to risk. This challenge threatened our growth. A fortuitous introduction to Bizcap proved a godsend. They liked our business model and secured a finance partner that understood our company and was able to meet both our short and long term funding requirements.”–Chris Alpe, President, Founder and Principal, JUCY Group Limited

Business Capital has delivered financing to JUCY Group Limited, a leading foreign independent car and campervan rental company founded in New Zealand and currently operating a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles in three countries, including Canada and the US. JUCY’s campervans are known for being affordable, functional and fun. They have the driving characteristics of a car, provide a multipurpose interior, and are easily recognizable on the road with their unique green and purple colors. Standard comforts and options include, foldout beds, working kitchens completely outfitted with pots, pans, cutlery and other supplies, toilet/shower facilities, LCD-TV/DVD players picnic seats, roof racks, BBQ grills, tents and child seats. In addition to renting campervans and cars, JUCY owns and operates two cruise ships and three hotels.

The new credit facility will fund JUCY’s strategic expansion plan, beginning with the purchase of additional vehicles.

“We have worked with many companies in the hospitality and tourism industry over the years, so we have a deep understanding and really enjoy working in this space. We were delighted to assist JUCY’s executive team with their international rapid expansion. Their branded vehicles are increasingly spotted driving around our area and with this growth capital, we expect to see even more!” — Chuck Doyle Managing Director of Business Capital

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