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The Wall Street Journal/The Money Game — Keeping Borrowers Afloat

Source:  Wall Street Journal  The biggest mistakes small businesses make when it comes to debt By SIMONA COVEL Around the country, small businesses are struggling to keep their head above water in a sea of debt. A recent survey from the National Federation of Independent Business showed the worst earnings trends for small businesses in […]

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The Wall Street Journal/Banks’ Pain Spreads to Their Suppliers

source for article: Wall Street Journal,  by Simona Covel The banking-industry crisis is having an immediate impact on at least one group of small and midsize businesses: those that were built to provide products and services to a booming financial sector. The effect on these companies “has been nothing short of devastating,” says Charles Doyle, […]

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The Wall Street Journal/Small Firms See Financing Harder to Get

source for article: Wall Street Journal,  by Simona Covel, Kelly K. Spors & Raymund Flandez As Wall Street quaked Monday, small and midsize businesses prepared to feel the aftershocks in the form of tighter credit and tougher borrowing standards. The financial crisis is the latest blow to small businesses, which have suffered through a tough […]

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