Business Equipment Financing

No matter what your industry is, the ability to purchase equipment–whether it’s a new set of computers or a fleet of vehicles–plays a great part in a company’s ability to grow. Nevertheless, buying such  equipment can be expensive, and freeing up the necessary investment capital isn’t always easy. In fact, in many situations, certain companies are unable to purchase what they need, either due to excessive debt or the need to spend such funds on other expenses. Business Capital is capable of providing companies with 100 percent business equipment financing up to $100,000. Whether you need something as simple as a new telephone system or items as complex as equipment lease back for machinery, a simple online application can get you one step closer to the equipment financing you need. We understand that speed is an important factor in the corporate world, which is why we work rapidly to provide our clients with the best equipment financing terms available.

Utilizing our business equipment financing is also a good way to simplify your accounting. We are capable of consolidating all of your needed equipment into a single package, requiring only a single payment to cover all related expenses. Additionally, our experts can show you how it may be possible to deduct the cost of your equipment from your company’s taxes, depending upon your particular business.

Why sit and wait for the equipment you need, when Business Capital can help with equipment leasing? We invite you to contact us directly at (888) 499-4775 for additional information or simply fill out our online business equipment financing application form. The process is entirely secure and we do not share any of the information we collect.

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