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“Business Capital took the time to develop an understanding of our challenges, tailored a solution to meet our specific requirements, then implemented and delivered a cost effective solution that not only saved us money and provided more capital, but augmented our staff and provided us with a significant return on time.”

George Northup, CEO, Memeo

Innovative, Customized, Liquidity Solutions


Business Capital, founded in 2002, is a national corporate finance and restructuring company with offices in San Francisco, CA and Westport, CT.   We provide alternative commercial financing, business debt restructuring, and financial and turnaround advisory services to lower and middle market commercial and industrial companies.  To read more about each of these specific services, click on the related buttons directly above.

We have assisted hundreds of companies undergoing change due to industry trends, economic cycles or specific company circumstances.  We differ from most traditional finance and restructuring companies by providing customized financial solutions to resolve current cash-flow requirements and liquidity needs to either enable a company to effect a business turnaround plan or continue to fund rapidly growing sales. We tailor each new debt structure to maximize up-front cash flow generation capacity and understand restructuring debt in conjunction with new capital may be required to achieve proper levels of liquidity and funding.  As such, we can include a debt restructuring and capital infusion in order to deliver a comprehensive financial solution that will quickly address the requirements of each of our clients. Our background includes providing customized financial solutions for highly profitable companies as well clients experiencing a financial set-back that are in need of significantly more working capital than their existing bank is willing to provide.  We have extensive experience in a wide range industry and business types.

We employ two separate value-oriented financial strategies: re-capitalizing companies which are unable to access conventional bank financing; and restructuring debt obligations — both of which ensure a company’s liquidity and cash-flow needs are met in times of financial distress as well as growth.

Whether your company requires a new credit facility, restructuring of a few troublesome obligations, needs to streamline and reduce debt, or must quickly reduce its cash burn rate — we customize and provide liquidity for each situation. At Business Capital, we are experts in structuring debt solutions to cure near-term liquidity needs so you can accomplish your financial goals.  We can change existing credit lines, add new credit facilities (such as subordinated or convertible debt) to augment financial flexibility, and assist in managing trade credit, real estate leases, equipment leases and contractual obligations.

Our Services

Whatever business liquidity services your company requires Business Capital can provide: business debt restructuring; asset based lending, sub/ mezzanine debt, venture debt or asset securitization; strategies on equipment leasing; accounts receivable financing; corporate turnarounds, medical capital and more. When your company’s future is at stake, Business Capital will: Develop an understanding of your company’s capital structure and business needs; then tailor, deliver and implement a customized, proactive plan to reach your financial and business goals and objectives.

The Right Strategy at the Right Time

Companies are constantly confronted with challenging issues that may stand in the way of the next stage of corporate growth, or may be faced with overwhelming debt obligations and unaware of options. At this critical juncture, Business Capital’s full service corporate and business restructuring firm will provide the right strategy at the right time to ensure your company’s success. We are dedicated to finding creative, comprehensive and customized liquidity solutions, including all types of asset based lending and business debt restructuring services all designed to improve cash flow and restructure or eliminate debt.
With our vast spectrum of services and team of experts, Business Capital will confidently navigate your business through turbulent times. We have a reputation for going above and beyond traditional means to tailor customized solutions that match our client’s needs and provide them the best guidance and resources possible to achieve exceptional results.

Please browse our website for more information and representative transactions. Contact us directly for more detailed inquiries and personalized service.

Reality Check

Recently, a simple fact has become increasingly apparent: traditional financing options and approaches are tightening up and seldom deliver what is needed. The economic downturn and fears of an impending recession have created dramatic slow-downs and potential failures for many businesses. Business Capital offers asset based lending and business debt restructuring as better  bankruptcy alternatives.

Our revolutionary approaches provide help on all fronts in a faster, more flexible and more cost-effective way than a traditional choice.

Experience the Business Capital Difference

We are dedicated to fast, personalized service. Instead of moving in and taking over, Business Capital works with you to leverage what you have, assess what you need, and leave your business stronger – not weaker – when we’re finished. And, we do it quickly and cost effectively.

We have the experts, the business solutions and the resources to get you what you need. Whether you need business debt negotiation today, an infusion of working capital tomorrow, asset based lending such as purchase order funding or accounts receivable financing next month – visit BizCap now for help.