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Corporate & Bankruptcy Attorneys

Business Capital assists corporate and bankruptcy attorneys with out-of-court restructuring projects resulting in significant reductions in cost and delay, allowing distressed client companies that could not have afforded the administrative costs of a Chapter 11 to restructure and continue to operate on stronger footing.

A business is at a critical juncture when faced with cash flow issues due to rapid growth or overwhelming debt obligations.  There may be the opportunity for an infusion of equity but the investor cannot afford to step in with too much debt on the books.  Business Capital will quickly restructure the debt, paving the way for new money to come or simply allowing the company to move forward, optimizing potential and opportunity.  Our business is founded on the principle that the best case scenario is to deal with the risk upfront, allowing managers to expand their set of available options and mitigate the risk of bankruptcy or forced sale.

However, it is often the case that prospective clients are beyond this crucial point, options are now limited and therefore the client is better served by consulting with a bankruptcy attorney.  In this case we look to refer our clients to attorneys within geographic proximity who have a proven track record for success and the same high regard for clients and operating principles.

If you would like to introduce yourself or confidentially discuss a specific business opportunity, please contact Chuck Doyle at 415-989-0970 or 203-292-5474, or via email at cdoyle@bizcap.com.