Distressed Debt

When dealing with distressed debt, companies usually face a crossroads where their decisions will determine the future of their enterprise. Unfortunately, as important as this decision may be, the stresses associated with unmanageable debt can make it difficult for companies to clearly see the amount of options they actually have.In such situations, it is best for companies to take a step back and let an outside entity provide them with the help they need. At Business Capital, we specialize in offering effective solutions for businesses facing distressed debt. From debt settlement to restructuring, and from accounts receivable financing to asset based lending, our experts develop customized recovery plans based on each client’s particular situation.

Let us deal with the stress of negotiating with creditors. Companies straddled with distressed debt are usually so concerned with finding a resolution to their financial problems that they’ll accept deals that are impossible for them to maintain. At Business Capital, we take the emotion out of the equation. Our non-confrontational approach allows us to negotiate terms that both parties feel comfortable with. Most importantly, by keeping debt repayments affordable, our clients can get back to focusing on day-to-day business.

Why spend precious time away from running your company when we can handle your distressed debt for you? As one of the leading turnaround companies in the industry, we can make it so that you’ll pay as little as two to three percent of your debt a month. See how easy it is by contacting us today at (888) 499-4775 or by filling out our online information form.

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