Business Turnaround Consultant

Every business has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, financial setbacks can quickly compound and in many cases leave business owners forced to make difficult decisions, such as whether or not to declare bankruptcy. Deciding on bankruptcy is a difficult and painful choice. Thankfully, most businesses have bankruptcy alternatives. With the help of a business turnaround consultant, such as Business Capital, your company can get back on its feet. Pulling from diverse backgrounds in banking, law, and investment analysis, our team of experts can help design a customized plan to address the specific needs of your business. We specialize in such business turnaround services as debt management, equipment leasing/lease back, asset based lending, and capital raising.

While unpaid invoices, angry calls from creditors, and unhappy employees can all be signs of a company in crisis, it is not always clear to the owners how to fix the problem. At Business Capital we can not only help you address each warning sign, but we can also help implement strategies that will combat these problems and stop them from reoccurring. Through business debt management and negotiation, we can work with your creditors to eliminate debt and bring your past due accounts back up to date.

The first step to working with a business turnaround consultant is to give us a call. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation during which you can discuss your needs with one of our experienced representatives. Together we can find an effective way to eliminate your debt and accelerate your business opportunities.

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