Company Background

Our Mission:Greater Access to a Wider Variety of Capital Sources

Each company has a very specific and unique set of financing needs:  Some are facing tough times, others need to fund rapid growth.  Business Capital is one of the best business debt negotiation companies around and a leader in the commercial finance industry, with a stellar reputation and proven track record of successful small business lending and business debt restructuring options. Many banks are not actively increasing lending and have also frozen credit lines for their clients, thereby limiting available working capital for each bank customer. If your credit needs exceed what your existing lender is able to offer, our expertise will allow you to refinance your current credit lines to have an active working capital facility that will provide you with the financing platform to fund rising levels of sales and revenues. Business Capital has long term working relationships with a large number of capital sources which will collectively provide the structure to meet your financial objectives. As experienced re-capitalization experts, we also work with a broad variety of financial partners and private funds whose lending appetite could meet your specific needs. We create market competition for our clients, typically resulting in the opportunity to review multiple term sheets and the ability to negotiate the best terms and conditions. In the worst credit crisis since the great depression why would a company want to hitch their wagon to one horse?

Our Background

Business Capital is a leading, corporate finance and restructuring company and business restructuring firm providing business debt restructuring , asset based lending and other business turnaround offerings. We have an excellent team of professionals; our partners consist of attorneys, investment bankers and analysts who have closed hundreds of transactions of every type in every industry throughout their careers. What sets our company apart is our personal approach to analyzing your particular challenge and our vast array of services available to meet any challenge.

Vision & Purpose

Business Capital is changing the way businesses deal with unmanageable debt. Our value is in providing the best options at a critical juncture. Surrendering to debt is not an option. Our programs enable clients to develop the resources and cash flow needed to grow through periods of financial challenge and still amicably satisfy creditors, preserve vendor continuity as well as company liquidity. We provide options and targeted solutions that will leave your business stronger and healthier when we are finished.

At Business Capital, we allow our clients to:

  • Concentrate on core competencies and maximizing business – not on unbearable debt
  • Be proactive – not on the defensive from collection agencies, attorneys and creditors
  • Increase cash flow and decrease debt and operating costs
  • Stay viable – our debt negotiation and turnaround services can bring your business back to life!

Why Business Capital?

Businesses grow in cycles that fluctuate with the economy, supply and demand, trends, and availability of capital. While most companies enjoy periods of financial security and success, many more go through phases of financial strain. But you don’t have to face bankruptcy, financial ruin or lengthy court proceedings. You have options. Our goal is to help our clients eliminate the financial and emotional burdens brought on by overwhelming debt, a lack of cash flow or any other financial challenge that might jeopardize future business growth.  We provide access to small business credit through an extensive network of reputable lending sources.

Negotiating business debt is inherently very uncomfortable for both creditors and debtors. Businesses who are in default with their creditors have lost credibility. That is why creditors hire collection agencies and attorneys to do the brutal work of collecting their accounts payable. Business Capital can provide you with that same advantage. Most of the major creditors have worked with Business Capital and know that we present the facts, operate fairly and amicably, and expedite the settlement process while serving the best interest of our clients and their creditors.

Our experience places us in the upper echelon of the best debt negotiation companies. We provide a solution so you can avoid the exorbitant cost, time and stigma of going to court.

Business Capital is a select restructuring firm that offers a complete suite of professional services to provide comprehensive, customized and strategic business solutions. Whether you need asset based lending services such as accounts receivable financing, purchase order funding or equipment leasing/equipment lease back; or debt negotiation, liquidation or wind-down services our key personnel can work with you to determine how BizCap can help with your business debt management. Contact us today or fill out the online questionnaire so we can personally assess your needs for increased cash flow and corporate debt reduction.